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Exit Interview: What caused Travis Konecny’s drop off in scoring this season?



Travis Konecny Philadelphia Flyers

Flyers forward Travis Konecny had a breakout, all-star 2019-20 season with 24 goals and 61 points in 66 games. However, he took a bit of a step back with just 11 goals and 34 points in 50 games this season.

Konecny was one of several young players that didn’t take that step forward this season. He spoke about his drop off in scoring, the team’s compete level, and more in his exit interview last week.

On the team compete level

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a compete level I think. I think that compete’s always there. I know our group cares. It’s just a matter of paying attention to detail and not having breakdowns throughout a 60-minute game. I think that was kind of more what we fell into. I never really had an issue with anybody not trying or showing an effort to help the team when it was more just being focused and making sure that little mistakes aren’t going to happen. And guys are going to be able to go back and reflect on that stuff and hopefully learn from that.

What would you attribute your drop off in scoring to?

I wish I could tell you, I would have fixed it. I’m not too sure. I think this season was weird in general. And if you had any sort of issues in your game, it was hard to work on certain things and get back to where you need to be because there was no practice time to reset and maybe get your confidence back. But other than that, maybe I wasn’t shooting the puck as much as I was last year, trying to do too much. Maybe just get back to simplify my game. I’m gonna have some time to reflect on that and hopefully figure it out over the offseason.

Did the restrictions last offseason affect your training?

I mean, it’s easy to look back now and make excuses. Other teams have the same amount of people from different countries, and they made it work. So I’m not gonna say the fault is all training. I know it was difficult. I was working out of my garage for as long as I could until I was allowed to get back in into my regular gym, and trying to find ice was difficult. But everyone went through it. Every team went through it. It was a weird year for everybody. You know, hopefully, we can figure it out next year. And everyone’s training situations are better this year. And if they’re not they can they can figure out a way to improve it.

On a personal side, if I can, I believe you’ll have a baby on the way in the offseason. I just wonder when the baby’s due and how exciting is that for you guys?

Yeah, it’s very exciting. Baby’s due late August. So that’s something exciting for me. I’ve got a lot to look forward to in the summer months here, so I’m gonna be back down here sometime in July getting ready to have a baby. So we’re both really excited for it. Can’t wait.

Transcript via Philadelphia Flyers

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