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Flyers fans are sending a loud message to management



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The Philadelphia Flyers are losing fans at an alarming rate this season. Fans are sending a message to management.

By not showing up to games this season, Philadelphia Flyers fans have spoken.

Loud and clear.

The Flyers are averaging 16,461 fans per home game, which is 19th in the NHL. They are playing to 84.3% of the Wells Fargo Center’s capacity, 20th in the league.

More telling: In full seasons, it is their lowest home attendance figure since 1972-73, when they averaged 16,063. But that was at the Spectrum, and it was 94.4% of the venerable building’s capacity of 17,007.

And while the Flyers, who play in Toronto on Tuesday after being swept by the mighty Buffalo Sabres over the weekend, are averaging 16,461 fans in 2021-22, that is the number of tickets sold. In reality, there have been between 10,000 and 14,000 fans in the seats at most home games during the season’s second half.

Sometimes less.

If that’s not a message to the bean-counters, I don’t know what is.

Just three years ago, the Flyers averaged 20,372 per game, but that number has dropped at an eye-opening rate in recent seasons.

Fans are talking with their wallets, telling management that if the Flyers are not going to be built for the long haul, they are out.

Yes, the Flyers (23-42-11) — who have 40-plus regulation losses for the second time in franchise history — have had an inordinate number of injuries this season, but they didn’t have the depth or the talent to overcome it.

That’s on management.

Dave Scott, the chairman of the Flyers’ parent company, Comcast Spectacor, said on Jan. 26 that general manager Chuck Fletcher will return next season.

Since then, the losses have climbed (a 10-20-3 record in that span) and the attendance has sagged.

Will that cause Scott to re-evaluate the situation?

Stay tuned.

Special teams’ woes

The Flyers’ last-in-the-NHL power play is clicking at 12.3% and has a chance to have the lowest success rate — which was 13% in 2001-02 — in franchise history. Their penalty kill has been successful at a 75.1% rate, tied for 26th in the league with the expansion Seattle Kraken.

Combined, the Flyers’ two units have a frighteningly low 87.4% success rate.

Former Flyers coach Ken Hitchcock used to say that if the combined power-play/penalty kill rate was below 100, you were in trouble.

And, so, yes, it’s not difficult to analyze what should be one of the Flyers’ top priorities in the offseason.

Numbers Dept.

The Philadelphia Flyers are 13-20-6 at home, 10-22-5 on the road.

In full seasons, they have had fewer home wins just twice — 10 in 2006-07, and 11 in 1969-70.

Giroux update

The former Philadelphia Flyers captain has 16 points (two goals, 14 assists) and a plus-7 rating in 13 games since being traded to Florida, which is 12-1 with him in the lineup. The Flyers are 4-12 since Giroux was dealt for two draft picks and right winger Owen Tippett.

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David Berk

My predictions for the offseason. I think Chuck will be kicked upstairs and made President only of the Flyers. Daniel Briere will be made GM. I know the Canadiens came close to hiring Briere after Bergeron was fired. I’m sure he did not come here so he could be special assistant to Fletcher. Also, Yeo will be be gone and I think they will make a play for Tochett. Hopefully the Flyers will not make a play for a coach like Tortarella who would probably completely destroy this team. At this point, I can’t imagine any free agent want to play for this mess. The good news concerning the low attendance is that the lines for the men’s room have dissipated, no waiting between periods.

mean mean pride, mean mean stride

You meant ” after Bergevin was fired ” . . .


They need Tortorella. What has Tochett truly done as a head coach? He’s horrific! Lay off the drugs please.


The fuck has Torts done besides ride a stacked team to the cup? He’s a garbage coach who over values vets like AV. They need to develop the youth. They need Quinn and the HC of Denver University David Carle or Kevin Dineen.

Stop with the Dinosaurs.

rich rodgers

sam i am here in toronto. this could be a scary game tomorrow night. matthews load management last nite.going for 60. he might get 5 or 6 goals the way the flyers have cement feet.never seen a team try less than this group of paycheck thieves.and if anyone out there thinks johnny hockey or kadri are gonna come join this clown show when they could go to a contender for probably the same money.keep dreaming.and why would giroux sign back with flyers when he only has a few chances left to go for the cup.what a disaster.the worst thing of all has happened sam.APATHY. i totally forgot they played yesterday.and in case you think i am a leafs fan here in toronto. nope been a flyers hardcore since 1980.sad times sam.they will be better next year.altho that bar is so low.hard not to.ay yi yi sam.i miss the 80 s.

James Wilgus

Comcast should sell the franchise to a buyer who knows something about hockey. I know they won’t, instead they’ll hire a fan favorite like Tocchet to be the next head coach (mistake), and they’ll trade to get a star forward then begin their promotional campaign to generate fan interest to purchase season tickets. The team will continue being a disaster, but all Comcast cares about is taking our money! I’m done with them!

Michael Johnson

One good reason why Scott or Fletcher should return ?


Sports organizations are dependent on their fan bases for support and revenue. It’s demoralizing to the fans when they see management make bone-headed decisions that set a team back absent any real logic or strategy. Look at the Eagles squandering draft picks following the Super Bowl, or the mess the Sixers management created following firing Sam Hinkie. As a fan you spend your money on tickets, merchandise, network subscriptions…there’s loyalty there, and when it’s exploited, then…*crickets*

The media and fans have been brutal about Dave Scott’s aggressive re-tooling strategy and commitment to Fletcher for 2022-23. Fletcher has openly said two things: he doesn’t know what kind of team this is, and they need more high-end talent. The organization lacks the cap space and assets to make moves for high-end talent. Third option is to tank and rebuild. Fans may be frustrated, but it’s a real strategy and while not every team that tanks wins, every team that has won has tanked/rebuilded. The Flyers, for whatever reason, refuse to subscribe completely to that approach in spite of the fact it’s the only real way to win a cup.

What I’m seeing is a roster of players–some talented–that has given up. They’re probably happy for/envious of Giroux who’s playing on a dominating team that has serious Cup potential. His numbers when playing with high-end players show what he’s capable of and what’s missing on the Flyers. The team has a chance to stink it up for Bedard or some other players with promise, but I, like a lot of fans, am worried/frustrated that Dave Scott and Chuck Fletcher are so deep in denial that they’ll doom the team to perpetual mediocrity/underachievement. Fans are not drawn to those kinds of teams.


I agree would prefer Comcast to sell! And if not fire Scott and Fletcher!! At the least fire Fletcher!

Gary M

Flyers fans have been LOYAL for too long!
I gave up my season tickets after 43 years and bought a condo in Florida, it’s less expensive and more enjoyable!


It is the curse of.Kate Smith!!!! Get rid of your woke idiots in your front office and bring her back!!!!

Katie 8

Haha! Something….God Bless America bayy-bee! But seriously God….Bless the Flyers. Maybe a prayer is all we got left at this point for Phila. Fans.


The Flyers Organization right now os the proverbial dog chasing its own tail. I dont blame the players. I blame Fletcher and the front office for Bad Draft Picks; REALLY Bad Trades; and Poor Cap Management. IF anyone thinks this Team just needs to ” Agressively Retool” ; i have beachfront property in Colorado id love to sell you. Dirt cheap. The Flyers are no closer to contenting for the Cup; let alone winning it; than they were 10 Years Ago.

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