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Flyers President Keith Jones Finishing His TNT Gig? Bravo!



Keith Jones
Keith Jones

I was taken aback at first when I heard Flyers president of hockey operations Keith Jones was going to finish his broadcasting role in the playoffs. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.

Wait, what? The Flyers’ new president was going to work in the TNT booth for the Carolina-Florida Eastern Conference finals? Shouldn’t he be poring over scouting reports? Watching film? Going on WIP?

The guy has been on the job less than a week. Was this a good look?

I wanted to think this through. Was this cool? Was this smart? It probably was unprecedented.

Does it even matter?

That’s where Jones should be

The more I thought about it, I was on-board. If I’m the Flyers, I’d rather have Jones in the middle of the action than sitting in a Voorhees office working the phones. Jones said he planned to finish out the season with Turner Sports as long as his bosses approved.

Expect Jones to spend his spare time at the conference finals networking and schmoozing with team officials and league officials on TNT’s dime.

Such gatherings can be the perfect environment to conduct team business. And for Jones, who is part of the management team charged with rebuilding the Flyers, what an opportunity to bounce around trade scenarios, gather information and strengthen friendships and trust with his colleagues.

When you get this far in the playoffs — and especially the Stanley Cup Final, which TNT also will broadcast — these games are like hockey conventions. Two hours before opening faceoff and the arena dining room is teeming with team decision-makers.

Friends and colleagues eat dinner together, grab a drink after the game. Prime opportunities for friendly and serious chats exist on off-days. Jones likely would have attended anyway, without the TNT job.

Some business is best conducted in person. Jones is a world-class communicator, so in-person conversations should be his strength. “Hey, want talk trade for [pick a name]?”

TNT has the rights to broadcast the Stanley Cup Final, so Jones could be on the air well into June. Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final is Saturday, June 3.

Interestingly, Jones will be back in the booth starting Thursday night with fellow analyst Eddie Olczyk. The president’s job reportedly came down to either Jones or Olczyk. The TNT crew also includes play-by-play man Kenny Albert and Jackie Redmond in the arena.

Hiring scenario

Jones was in Raleigh, N.C., when the news broke about his new Flyers’ job.

On Wednesday, May 10, Jones was preparing for the following night’s broadcast of Game 5 between Carolina and New Jersey.

The Flyers announced Jones’ hire and the promotion of Daniel Briere to general manager early the next morning. On Friday, the Flyers held a news conference to introduce their new management team at the Wells Fargo Center.

At the news conference, Jones was asked: What kind of tools and what kind of knowledge have you gained from broadcasting that can help you succeed in this role?

“In that role, I was able to meet everyone,” Jones answered. “Everyone in the game – from general managers, to head coaches, to presidents – and have conversations with them, kind of continuing to learn as I went.”

This strikes me as time well spent.

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Tang is better

“If I’m the Flyers, I’d rather have Jones in the middle of the action than sitting in a Voorhees office working the phones.”

^^ Woof!! And to top that off with, what a terribly written article. This is like 9th grade current event school work and you all are still failing on logical statement from a poorly run organization.


Boy, Comcast has their hooks deep into the local population and media. This is a stunning development. Jones, unselfishly, should step down and get work for an organization under major restructuring, 3 new execs with NO front office experience in the NHL, and a lousy record. He should give this opportunity to another broadcaster.

But no, selfishly, and foolishly, the Flyers front office continues to operate like a clown show. Maybe if Clarke and Homer had respected their divisional and conference opponents who actually WON CUPS over the years, we’d be built to compete. We’re not. Not even close. So this “new era” of more corporate stiffs makes a big pony show about the hires … and then allows Jones to work for another company. This is like giving 2 months notice instead of 2-3 weeks.

More nonsense from a group of clueless execs.

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