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NHL Draft

Complete List Of All 32 First-Round Picks in NHL Draft



In addition to the Flyers’ two first-round picks, the rest of the National Hockey League held a draft, too.

Here are the first-round picks. Interestingly, there were no trades in the first round. Interesting because of all the chatter about teams looking to trade up.

Round 2 begins at 11 a.m. Thursday on NHL Network. We will be updating all day here on Philly Hockey Now.

First-Round Picks:

  1. Chicago Blackhawks: Connor Bedard, center
  2. Anaheim Ducks: Leo Carlsson, center
  3. Columbus Blue: Jackets: Adam Fantilli, center
  4. San Jose Sharks: William Smith, center
  5. Montreal Canadiens: David Reinbacher, defenseman
  6. Arizona Coyotes: Dmitriy Simashev, defenseman
  7. Flyers: Matvei Michkov, right wing
  8. Washington Capitals: Ryan Leonard, right wing
  9. Detroit Red Wings: Nate Danielson, center
  10. St. Louis Blues: Dalibor Dvorsky, center
  11. Vancouver Canucks: Tom Willander, defenseman
  12. Arizona Coyotes (via Senators): Daniil But, left wing
  13. Buffalo Sabres: Zach Benson, left wing
  14. Pittsburgh Penguins: Brayden Yager, center
  15. Nashville Predators: Matthew Wood, right wing
  16. Calgary Flames: Samuel Honzek, left wing
  17. Detroit Red Wings (via Islanders): Axel Sandin Pellikka, defenseman
  18. Winnipeg Jets: Colby Barlow, left wing
  19. Chicago Blackhawks (via Lightning): Oliver Moore, center
  20. Seattle Kraken: Eduard Sale, left wing
  21. Minnesota Wild: Charlie Stramel, center
  22. Flyers (via Kings): Oliver Bonk, defenseman
  23. New York Rangers: Gabriel Perreault, right wing
  24. Nashville Predators (via Oilers): Tanner Molendyk, defenseman
  25. St. Louis Blues (via Maple Leafs): Otto Stenberg, center
  26. San Jose Sharks (via Devils): Quentin Musty, left wing
  27. Colorado Avalanche: Calum Ritchie, center
  28. Toronto Maple Leafs (via Bruins): Easton Cowan, right wing
  29. St. Louis Blues (via Stars): Theo Lindstein, defenseman
  30. Carolina Hurricanes: Bradly Nadeau, left wing
  31. Montreal Canadiens (via Panthers): Mikhail Gulyayev, defenseman
  32. Vegas Golden Knights: David Edstrom, center

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