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THANK YOU!: Flyers’ fans salute Claude Giroux, including one who named dog after former captain



Claude Giroux fans, Philadelphia Flyers

Dave Scott, chairman of the Philadelphia Flyers’ parent company, Comcast Spectacor, said trading Claude Giorux was a “difficult, bittersweet day, but we are all excited to watch Claude compete in the playoffs for Florida this year.”

Giroux, of course, was sent to the Panthers in a blockbuster deal Saturday.

“There is no question,” Scott added,’ that Claude will always be a Flyer.”

The fans agreed with Scott. When Philly Hockey Now asked fans to explain what Giroux meant to them, the Twitterverse erupted with love for a player who spent parts of 15 seasons in Philadelphia, including the last 10 as captain.

One fan said the family dog was named Giroux because of the former Flyer.  Another called him “The Magician.” Many said Giroux got them interested in hockey and made them life-long fans.

The tributes were endless, and I’m sorry I couldn’t include all of them. If I did, this would have been longer than your average novel.

Here are some of the responses, with some shortened or edited for clarity or length:

Tom Zuke: “First game I ever took my daughter to at the Wells Fargo Center was the Easter Sunday game against the Bruins when he scored in OT to win it. Cherished memory and a day that we will always remember.”

Lisa (@nastyflyergirl): “I can’t help but always regret how the Flyers wasted his talent by not putting a winner around him, especially the Ron Hextall years. I hope he wins a Cup.”

Brandon Krupnick (@BrandonKrupnick): “I’ve never watched an athlete in a Philly uniform, longer than I have watched Giroux. This man is a Philly legend. I don’t care about the No Cup argument. He put his blood, sweat, and tears into this team. You never heard him complain about anything. I’ll never watch another Giroux.”

Passion for his teammates

J Christiaan Collins (@jccUSA): “Commitment to winning , a passion for his teammates, and an unquenchable desire to kick Sidney Crosby’s ass.”

Andrew Hawkins (@AJH_110):  “He got me into hockey. I was new to the sport when he started playing. He has made me a diehard hockey and Flyers fan.”

AllPhillyAllTheTime (@CoachDaveHuf): “He has BEEN Flyers hockey. He is the face of the Flyers that my son grew up with. Him not being a Flyer will never feel right. Glad the boys found a way to send him off as a winning captain. Will be rooting for him and his new team.”

@ryel9367: “He means everything. He means what it is to be a Flyer. When I think Flyers, I think the captain first.”

Slaunwhite_14: “He’s my idol, my favorite player, and I’ve looked up to him since I was 8 years old. Now I’m 22. I had tears in my eyes in that last game vs Nashville. It’s so tough to see him go. Giroux deserves to be on a competitive winning team, and I hope he has a lot of success.”

@Doyboy22: “First player I ever learned the name of, the player that got me invested in the Flyers ever since I was 3; the player whose first jersey I bought. Claude Giroux, you are everything to me. Thank you!

About that dog …

Bob Cohick: “Giroux allowed me to introduce my sons to my love of hockey. No small feat for a rinkless Central Pennsylvania family. Both choose to go to Temple, both were at his last game with the Flyers on Thursday. Oh, and our family’s dogs name? GIROUX!”

Mike Furman (@MikeFurman10): “Met him at the old Main Street Pub in Voorhees his rookie year. Called him ‘The Magician,’ and Matt Clackson from the Phantoms was with him. he asked me why I called him that and my response was, ‘He’s a magician with the puck.’  Amazing player and hope he gets a Cup.”

Bag Knight (@AJ_Watson35): “He’s literally the only reason I’m a Flyers fan. Watching him in the 2008 World Juniors made me a fan for life.”

An occasional fan was not in Giroux’s corner… like these two.

John (@jmisina38):Good player but not the guy. He will do well when he is on a team where he is a complimentary player. Basically, his numbers are from being here for 15 years. I am also tired of our captain.”

Rose (@smashthestate20): “I actually enjoyed G most before he became “C” — when he still shined in the playoffs. Solid forward who always excelled at winning FOs; great playmaker and tons of points. Never been a game-changer or elite, though. Too many excuses. You’ve gotta question his leadership and accountability.”

Back to the positive ones…

Steve Douglas (@Steveland15): “I’m way late to this. But watching my 7-year-old daughter look up to him and cheer for him and love him unconditionally (was great to see). I got to watch her grow up with him while he grew up as an NHL player. He meant the world to us.”

Marco Fortunato Lauro (@GiallorossiYank): “I was at Game 3 against Chicago in 2010 just weeks after getting surgery to remove a tumor on my back at CHOP. I still watch that OT goal a few times a year; one of the best nights of my life. Claude Giroux: a humble guy who loved being here and wearing that logo. A Flyer. I’ll miss him.”


Jarryd Austin (@Jaustin8924): “G has been a staple for me over the past decade watching the Flyers…Lindros and G are the two I think of when I see the Flyers’ crest. I will never forget the goal against Boston on the Stanley Cup run in 2010. Gives me goosebumps every time thinking about it.”

Rick Taylor (@rickeysticks80): “So very sad he will not wear a Flyers jersey anymore. He was Flyers hockey for an entire generation of fans.”

Jerseys galore

Kyra (@kyras1628: “My first favorite player. Got his jersey for my 11th birthday in 2008, and my dad and I would count how many others we saw at each game. Immeasurably proud of his accomplishments, for his number of jerseys becoming uncountable, and for being able to grow up a Flyers fan with him.”

Sean Heckman (@SeanHeckman15): “Claude Giroux is Philly. Through and through. Too many memories to list, but my top two are ‘The Shift’ against the Penguins, and the Stadium Series goal at the Linc!”

BroadStreetBag, @DankSeltzer : “’Ever since I was a little kid, all I wanted to do was be like Claude Giroux. I would play on my patio with mini-sticks and imagine scoring the Stanley Cup winning goal with the Flyers. All I’ve ever known is Claude Giroux hockey. He was my idol. Today, I strive to be as good of a human as he is off the ice. Seeing him leave Philly is one of the hardest moments of my entire life. He means so much to me and seeing him leave breaks my heart. But I want to see him get that Cup. So as sad as I am, I’m rooting for him. Nobody deserves it more.”

Daniel Jäger (@MrHunter2106): “Claude Giroux simply IS the Philadelphia Flyers. Developed on a team that wasn’t developing many prospects. Led by example from the get-go, becoming the ultimate Flyer and role model of the team next to Bobby Clarke. Giroux is the Bobby Clarke of this millennium.”

Steel (@SteelfuI): “I will never forget Game 6 of the 2012 playoffs against the Pens. Little 12 year old me, sitting in the crowd with my grandfather. First shift of the game, G with a big hit on Crosby, and seconds later in the same shift, he scores a goal. What a tone setter for that game! Reliable.”

Marty Liczbinski (@BCRSChief143): “The only person that has made more memories in Philadelphia than Claude Giroux is Ben Franklin. You can quote me on that.”

William J Leahy (@BootsLeahy): “Truthfully, he went from a budding superstar under Laviolette, to an almost average player, to a guy who reinvented himself. Really good player, not a great leader, but a guy every organization would love to have. Would love to see him win a Cup!!”

Lou Dilonardo (@lad5021): “Excellent player who was never fully appreciated or supported. Always will remember when he gave us hope that we may win the Cup.”

Boomerhunter (@DoneBe1ngS1lent): “He reignited my love for the sport of hockey and the Flyers franchise. He’s my generation’s Bobby Clarke or Eric Lindros. When I see the logo I think of him and a dozen clutch  goals the captain scored.”’

‘Giroux is Orange and Black’

Tom Campbell (@t0mcampbe1l): “Claude Giroux has been everything for this franchise. He’s been the representation of better days ahead, the superstar we all dreamed he could be, and at times, the only real reason to show up and/or tune in. Heart, competitiveness, and skill in one 5-foot-10 package. Giroux is Orange and Black!”

Ted Turzanski (@TTurzanski10): “Fantastic and talented player who was robbed of a winning, Hall of Fame career by the terrible mismanagement of Comcast. Such a shame Comcast (Spectacor) couldn’t build him a powerful core team that gave him a chance to win like 2010 and 2012. I hope he wins a Cup. He deserves to win.”

Stephanie Schaeffer (@sls1980): “Claude always meant to me that this team had hope, skill, and leadership. Claude’s grit and quiet work represent Philly.”

RickyAm PSN (@Ricky_amandeo8): “His first couple of years in the league is when I got old enough to actually know what was going on and remember games. I was only about 7. Watching him and his competitiveness for more than half of my life made me fall in love with the sport.”

Anthony (@iladelph89): “I have loved Claude ever since we drafted him. Bobby Clarke botched his name at the podium, too. But the kid was a stud and did his best for the team. And then he smoked Crosby and scored a goal all within seconds and I wanted to run through a wall!! 28 is the man! It’s been a ride! Much love.”

Amy Pohl (@AmyEPohl): “I’ll quote @rileycote32: ‘He’s been the Batman with no Robin.’ No truer words. He’s a fantastic player and human being, obviously a doting father, and plays his heart out every night. He deserves to win a Cup.”

At the Regal Beagle: “Giroux’s been a great player and a class guy who did a lot of good work in the community. A shame we didn’t surround him with more talent like in his first 4 years. Hope he goes to win a Cup.

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